Song Description

a song about the grace that comes from above :>)

Song Length 3:43 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Delta
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Courage, Life


We all fall, do something rash, but justified
freely by the grace
That?s stuff?s enough, and by that I?ll be saved
From a charred back from some ugly troll
Maybe undeserved I?ll grant ya, but I?ll tell you
I?ll take it
Frame of mind that satisfies my soul

Despite my transgressions;
all my thoughts and my ways
Don?t need no confession?..
I got my own little private booth
It?s my impression that grace she?s so sweet
She can even take me and she can see that I?m saved
I?m justified and I said freely babe
And I?m livin in the shadow of that wood
That wood?s talkin??

I?ve been down, I?ve been up, been turned around
Sometimes I just don?t know what
to think about all of this
But now that I see that the way has been paved
Despite either you or me I can choose a mind of VICTORY
Cause I don?t do guilt and I don?t do shame
But I can see scarfin? up this legacy

Helpin? me fight all the triggers
that come they?re buggin? me day by day
No more lone ranger, let?s toss away the mask
Save my impressions of how it should be and gather up all
that grace
Brings to mind some real security??..
I?ll be good for you baby
Good good love for me

Lyrics Bobby Manriquez Music Bobby Manriquez
Producer Bobby Manriquez Publisher Bobby Manriquez (b-side blues/ASCAP)
Performance Bobby Manriquez (vocals, lead, slide and rhythm guitars, bass), Pete Cruickshank (drums). Label b-side blues records
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