No Bad Dreams in Momma's Bed

Story Behind The Song

My 4 year old daughter woke my wife and I one night walking down the hall crying from having a bad dream. Barely awake, I heard my wife say "You can sleep with us tonight because there's no bad dreams in momma's bed" I knew this would be a great song idea.

Song Description

4 year old girl finds comfort from bad dreams in mother bed and in mothers arms. Song story goes from the crying girl to the soothing voice of mother as mother offers to hold her till she goes to sleep. Even though the bed is crowded, they snuggle together and find bliss. Chorus describes happy childlike dreams and safety from nightmares. Father realizes he sleeps better with mom as well. Song centers around family love

Song Length 3:15 Genre Unique - General, Folk - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Serene Subject Mother, Daughter
Similar Artists Tom T Hall Language English


No Bad Dreams in Momma's Bed
Sweet dreams turned to nightmares for my girl,
just barely four
Rubbing teary eyes, her blanket,
draggin on the floor
She tiptoed to our room and whispered, "Mommy I'm scared"
My wife said, "It will be all right,
you can sleep with us tonight,
because there're no bad dreams in momma's bed"


In momma's bed there's magic castles,
and ponies that can fly
And princes dance with little girls and
puppies with big brown eyes
You're safe here with mommy, so lay down your sleepy head
Because there're no bad dreams,
because there're no bad dreams in momma's bed

Now our bed was not that big, why it's,
kinda tight for two
But we snuggled up and you know what, there was
just enough room
Now I'm a full grown man but I've, got to tell the truth
As I drifted off to sleep,
I was, just a little more at peace
because there're no bad dreams in momma's bed


Lyrics Bob Allen Music Bob Allen, Jeff Poteat
Producer Bob Allen Performance Bob Allen, Jeff Poteat

No Bad Dreams in Momma's Bed

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