Did You Lie to Me

Song Description


Song Length 4:31 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Mad Subject Lost Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Did You Lie (To Me) (S.Marcotte/S. Marcotte)

Verse 1
I was so confident
That I didn't see the game
But you keep tellin'me
That you show me the truth

I become so innocent
Every time you call at my name

Can't you see that I'm lying down
I can't believe that you don't see how I feel
Can't you see that I believe in you
But it seems that you don't care

Chorus 1
Do you lie to me...?
All I wanna know
Do you really lie to me?

Verse 2
It was so evident
But I didn't wanna see the truth

And you keep tellin' me
Tellin' me that nothing's wrong
But I can't believe it anymore
Cause I can see it in your eyes

Chorus 2
Did you lie to me...?
All I wanna know
Did you really lie to me?
I never lied to you
All I wanna know
Did you ever lied to me?

I want you to look me in the eyes
And tell me what you really need (BIS)

Chorus 3
Why did you lie to me?
All I wanna know
Why did you lie to me again? (BIS)

Lyrics Sylvain Marcotte Music Sylvain Marcotte
Producer SM PRODUCTIONS Publisher Sylvain Marcotte
Performance BLISS - Living For Rock Music Label SM PRODUCTIONS
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