The Down Side

Song Length 4:12 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing, Poignant Subject Darkness, Sadness
Similar Artists Peter Gabriel, R.E.M. Language English
Era 2000 and later


The DownSide

I feel it seeping in
this smoke beneath my skin
it isn't unfamiliar
it's taken me before

busted into pieces
lost inside the creases
and the folds of a letter
crumpled on the floor

someone's drained the color
and I'm thrashing in the water
but the harder that I struggle
the faster I go under

frozen to the core
in this interior downpour
my mind is full of lightning
and I'm waiting for the thunder

my senses torn and frayed
like the dullness of the blade
the dam begins to crumble
and I don't think I can take it

stupid, mean and numb
and the sleep just doesn't come
I know this isn't me
but I can't seem to shake it

l won't look at the mirror, there's nothing there to see
but the fog and the fury that's taking over me

I am standing on the outside
screaming on the inside
naked till the storm passes over
I've been blinded by the bright side
lost here on the Down Side
tell me this will all be over soon

you're hurt and you're confused
when your fire is refused
I recognize the light
but please don't shine it on me

I'm damaged and I'm bruised
discounted and unused
I know it isn't true
but don't waste your time on me

the teeth are in my back and the poison's pulsing though me
the days are growing black and seeping deep into me

I am standing on the outside
screaming on the inside
sinking like a stone in the ocean
I'm blinded by the bright side
stranded on the Down Side
cut and torn and bleeding raw emotion
I have fallen in the midnight
naked in a spotlight
exposed while the storm passes over
i've been taken by the landslide
living on the the downside
tell me this will all be over soon

Lyrics charles schwien Music charles schwien
Producer charles schwien Performance charles schwien/brian seachrist/keith varney
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