Jump on Your Head

Story Behind The Song

I was teaching seventh grade, and I wanted to write a song they could relate to. The cdoncept was abstract, but still visual enough to work.

Song Description

It's only a party song. Something to dance to get your groove to. A party anthem for our acrobatic youth

Song Length 4:45 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, Frenetic Subject Party, World
Similar Artists Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Busta Rhymes Language English
Era 2000 and later


Jump On Your Head
Antonio Jacobs
jump on your head

Don't worry about it; brain spilling out it; whispering in your ear make you think somebody shouted
So many voices your psyche getting crowded; walking Russian Roulette set till you don't leave home without it
Mosquito bite you you could kiss your gramps goodnight; quarantine the deceased and seal 'em up real tight
Insecticide right, make the murderers take flight; they gonna get sooner or later, so why fight?
Conflicts arise, everybody lives or they dies; husbands and wives going at each other with kitchen knives
People are panicking yo, it's no surprise; Most women sell us their furs others accessorize
Y2K why telling us not fly, better off going to Stern's to buy your Dad a tie
Rush into to Best Buy, lift my CD on the first try; pay for it, don't make your Momma cry
It's a mixed blessing, like bad salad with good dressing; like a funny movie that ends up depressing
Like a heated track, that keeps you from assessing the skills of a rapper whose style keeps you guessing
It's a dance track for the new double M; like an explosion that used to happen in dance class
Back when the men when men the fem were fem not psychological thriller flick by Jonathan Demme
It's the walk of the condemned; most of them were your friends; some of them so sickly, they coughing up phlegm
And that's just it, it's the dance of the millennium; only ballers can hack it, so jump on your head

jump on your head

Local ordinances prevent anyone from changing your spark plugs in the theatre's back alley
Still, you get a charge from old to young rolling in a house party going from New York to Cally
Don't dilly dally unwind a little pally; it's a gala bash; they'll be hearing up in Mali
So glad we made it it's an epic event; This joint is jumpin' the cash has been spent
Party like it's all over; like it's the last hurrah; like we be going near to far as if you were Grover
Party like a member of Road Rules; given fifty thousand dollars and a platinum Range Rover
Party like an animal trapped for nine days without food and water and has to do it over
Party like a lucky man with horseshoes; winning lotto wearing a four leaf clover
Most people won't believe it; they think it's all a joke; they'll chuckle about it and have themselves a Coke
But if they knew what I knew, they just might choke; or pick up a crack pipe; help themselves to a smoke
For knowledge is power; power corrupts absolutely; with great power comes great responsibility
Like the power to shut off your utilities; or erase your identity; can you feel me?
You see I see this new millennium for what it really is ; the end os the world; the end of life as we know it
It's the breakdown of the business; it all goes down the drain; plop plop fizz fizz
So why worry about? If you flaunt it, shout it; Have a party so big; your neighborhood gets overcrowded
Because in the final analysis, we're all getting shrouded; I do not doubt it; so jump on your head!

jump on your head

©2001 liedsinger

Lyrics Antonio Jacobs Music Antonio Jacobs
Producer Antonio Jacobs Publisher liedsinger
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