Carpe Diem

Story Behind The Song

Every year I write a song for my school's Graduation class. This is the one that came to me for the Class of 2003 - take life by the horns and live it!

Song Description

No matter kind of life you decide to live, you are still the one who is living it. Live life to the fullest. Life life while you're still alive.

Song Length 5:30 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, In High Spirits Subject Encouragement, Life
Similar Artists Billy Joel, Elvis Costello Language English


Carpe Diem
©2003 liedsinger/A. Jacobs (ASCAP)

We?re living in a cruel world
We?re living in a cool world
We?re living in a dream world
And our world is not the only world
You have it all at your fingertips
And yet you brush it away
I hope someday you will get it in your head
Carpe Diem ?Seize the Day?

Carpe Diem ?Seize the Day?
Riches are in what you do and not in what you say
Grab at opportunity walk through open doors
And you?ll get everything you?ve been searching for

Your life is just beginning
Your life is at an ending
Your life is in the middle
Are you living your life or are you only pretending
How can you take such a precious thing
And simply throw it away
I hope someday you will get it in through your head
Carpe Diem ?Seize the Day?

Who?s in control of your soul?
Who?s in command of the physical?
You make the choice to use your voice
Don?t let it go ? answer the knock

I think I lived a full life
Or was it an empty life?
I lived my entire life
And I never knew what living was
Don?t take the life that?s been given you
And calmly push it away
Everybody has their life to live
You better start living - Carpe Diem!


Lyrics Antonio Jacobs Music Antonio Jacobs
Producer Antonio Jacobs Publisher liedsinger
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