A Song of Hyoties

Story Behind The Song

Older grandson invented the hyoties to frighten his younger brother, so younger brother and I invented the sweet, wild hyoties. No one is afraid of wild hyoties..

Song Description

Fun, funny, silly, lots of fun.

Song Length 3:04 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Charming, Cheerful
Subject Wild Animals, Comedy, Funny Language English
Era 2000 and later



If you meet the wild Hyoties
Ask them home to tea with me.
Part hyenas part coyotes
They're the sweetest of the three.

It is not too hard to find them
Since they never hide too well,
When you see them say a 'hem hem
Or surprise will make them yell.

The Hyoties are well known
For their lovely, trusting smiles
And a giggle of their own
That is heard for many miles.

When they smile you see their dandy
Little teeth as sharp as knives
They're for eating cakes and candy
Meat will always give them hives

Caramels and big, fat truffles
That is what they like for tea.
When their mouths are full it muffles
All their little squeals of glee.

After tea they need a nap
And they snore and snort and sigh.
You can keep one on your lap
Till they wake and say good bye.

Off they run with many thanks,
Scamper off back home again
To the woodsy river banks
Where Hyoties have their den.

No way.... a song about coyotes?!? And a good one at that. This song is a hoot from the start. Professionally done all around with a message that'll make you grin from ear to ear. Kids, adults... there's something for everyone here. I'm still smiling.

This song is really neat. I like the pauses in the song. I also like the mood changes. Nice steel guitar in there too.

Great sound would sound good on a movie

A fun song, could be used for a remake of the "Road Runner" cartoon. Or some other children's section of the country music genre.

Excellent,nice job

Lyrics Birthe Noer Myers Music Dave Lefever
Producer Birthe Noer Myers Publisher Birthe Noer Myers
Performance Dave Lefever Label Birthe Noer Myers
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