Story Behind The Song

I taught English in Brazil and this song is based on autobiographical experience.

Song Description

"Valeska" is a quirky, upbeat, Latin-pop love-song that marries catchy hooks and clever lyrics with Brazilian-influenced flair. It's a bit of Paul Simon "Rhythm of the Saints" meets Talking Heads. The tune tells of love-at-first-sight in a café in Brazil. Although our Romeo doesn't, at first, have the words or means to charm his Juliet, he returns to his lost love with music as the common ground. He declares in the English/Portuguese chorus: "Valeska, I want your amor (love) and your beijos (kisses), now forever more; Valeska, I want your amor, let's make love and I'll say no more."

Song Length 4:40 Genre Pop - General, Latin - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Joyful Subject Falling in Love, Long
Similar Artists The Talking Heads, Paul Simon Language English
Era 2000 and later


Billy Schafer

Oh I still wonder at night, why I could not make you mine
Was it the foreign words that kept us both apart
Although I am a world away, back home now in my lonesome state
I think I've found the means to share my heart

Valeska, eu quero seu amor
E seus beijos, now forevermore
Valeska, eu quero seu amor
Let's make love, and I'll say no more

Verse I
Brasileira in a café, you were laughing, at my attempts
To pick up your native tongue, a speech that's sung and also danced
It all just seemed so cruel, I fell for you, but I couldn't say
The things that might beguile or touch you inside so you'd feel the same


Breakdown / Verse III
It's a gamble and a hope, this little song I sat and wrote
I thought perhaps the tune might simply say it all
Ignore the unfamiliar sounds, let my voice be common ground
I hope you see the lengths that I would go
Well I'd gladly take up samba, make feijoada, or play your birambao
From Rio to Forlaleza I'll do what it takes to win your heart


Vou sempre practicando cada dia pra falar umas palavras com a menina que vi na cafezhina
Sinto um tipo de locoura e uma mistura de medo y deseo que não procura seu corazao
E uma guerra, estou cheia de ella, pela menina no me da seu amor. Que e isso?
Olha rapais, vou te explicar uma coisa.
Com as meninas, o menos que voce disse, o mais que ella vai quer voce.
E menos falando, mas tocando e mostrando. Entao toca, toca. Falo cara!


Words & Music -- Billy Schafer
713-294-0915 (m)

Lyrics Billy Schafer Music Billy Schafer
Producer Michael Winger & Billy Schafer Publisher Billy Schafer
Performance Billy Schafer

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