Positive Note

Song Description

Let's just end on a positive note.

Song Length 4:24 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Similar Artists Bruce Hornsby Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Like the piano work, really good. Nice pleasant piece, would fit nicely with that glass of wine on the veranda looking out on the mountain.

I love this tune. This reminds me of Pianist Tom Grant. Great performance. Nice to sit back and chill.

Beautiful piece. The piano is just gorgeous on this piece. The bass line and drum rhythm fits perfectly to this. It creates such a dreamy feeling and has a jazzy feel with touches of country mixed in. I really enjoyed this piece quite a bit. Great Job.

Great vibe to this track. I can see this working in a lot of different scenes. Brings its own emotion. Just a solid groove. Piano lead speaks for itself as if it were the star singer with a beautiful melodic structure! Very well mixed and well put together! Perfect ending. Great work!

I do love this song but I would not consider this Jazz. Perhaps Broadjam should have a "Contemporary Instrumental Category", just like the Grammys. Great job, nice approach, very good musicianship. Love your style.

A very nice melody and relaxing.

Music Billy Pilgrim Producer Billy Pilgrim
Publisher Pilgrimusic © 2014 Performance Billy Pilgrim
Label Pilgrimusic
This track is on 8 Broadjam Top 10 Lists
Top 10 List Rank
United States #8
North America #8
Kansas #1
Broadjam Earth #9
Production - Instrumental #2
Production - Ballads #6
Jazz - Contemporary #3
Jazz #4
This track is on 51 Member Playlists
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