Double Wide

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What's twice as good as a movie trailer? A double-wide trailer.

Song Length 0:36 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Similar Artists Hans Zimmer Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Short, simple, and awesome -- all good words to describe this piece. You use a great mix of both spiccato and sustain with the strings, and accompanied by the percussion really gives this an epic medieval or fantasy feel that I love. I could hear this during an intro to some sort of visual media or during a short scene involving a fight or some sort of conflict. Excellent work on this one!

Wow...Epic piece here. Excellent job all the way around. In a word, I would say muscular. All instrumentation was composed appropriately and everything compliments one another seamlessly. The horns and the percussion section push hard while the strings create an anticipation of something large on its way. I visualize a scene in a tv show or movie where people, animals, cars etc...are running away from something large and menacing. The composition, recording, mix, and master are all 100% professionally done. Thanks for sharing.

This is an orchestral cinematic cue that would fit nicely into and HBO TV series and conjured up a medieval or historical feel. It has real energy and drive and was captivating to the ear and showed a real maturity in composition. The quality of the arrangement and choice of instruments where excellent. It is a short dynamic piece with really top quality instrumentation.

Hi I have just finished listening to your track, very good work! Nice short and effective orchestral cue. I like the choice of sounds and instruments and track also has a nice motif and flow throughout. The mixing and mastering sound pretty good as well, and the sound samples are convincing... congrats on a nice track!

I really like the style. It has a real epic quality to it. The highly syncopated foundation of the piece is very solid.

Music Billy Pilgrim Producer Billy Pilgrim
Publisher Pilgrimusic © 2014 Performance Billy Pilgrim
Label Pilgrimusic
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