Can't Stop The Talkin'

Story Behind The Song

Everybody's a critic and talking about things that they have no business talking about,

Song Length 3:45 Genre Rock - Modern


Some people think they?re cute - try and run me down
I?ve labored hard to keep my reputation on the ground
What good would it do- for me to criticize
A garbage mouth would take me south and I don?t think that?s wise
It?s verbal abuse
Time for me to cut em? loose

Can?t stop the talkin?
Can?t stop the talkin?
Stumping on my time--thats where I draw the line
Can?t stop the talkin?
Can?t stop the talkin?
I?ve heard it all before Behind my back walking out the front door

I?m tired of loosin? sleep with things that I can?t change
And so called in-tel-lec-tu-als put me in an anti-social rage
Who?s to say -when life will feel the touch
To navigate without complaint is what I want so much
I?m going all the way
Critics holding court today


I?ve heard it all from talking heads - out to make the scene
With adolesant-party dolls-in their company
I?m kicking up dust -gonna? bounce those bully boys
I hear their claims when dropping names
But they wouldn?t know the real McCoy

Conversations weak
I better clean my shoes it gettin? deep

Lyrics William Livesay/Steve Park Music William Livesay
Producer William Livesay Publisher William Livesay
Performance William Livesay Label William Livesay
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Clean Clean

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