I Lost Your Love

Story Behind The Song

I wrote the song for a close friend who was ging through a messy break up.

Song Description

Song concerning the break up a relationship

Song Length 5:06 Genre Country - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Tranquil Subject Breaking Up, Fight
Language English Era 2000 and later


I lost your love

Dropped D tuning
Verse 1
I lost your love long time ago
We both lost face that?s the way it goes
Dividing up a loyalty, a history
First there?s joy, then tears, then misery

Verse 2
What started by the river has washed away down stream
A memory of nightmares now replaces dreams
The lawyer the banker flaying flesh from bone
Lies, deceit, a real home sweet home

Who can you run too?
When it all comes' tumbling down
Some find a friend in JD
Others fire their money down
Travel on the road of love
Dead ends where it leads
The devil takes your soul
And the lord lets it bleed

Verse 3
Day on day it?s toil to survive
Treated like a fool and taken for a ride
Stepping in to love on a sentimental breeze
You don?t stop to think were a may kiss lead

Verse 4
But now our journeys over the death knell sounds
The passion exchanged for a thorny crown
It?s not so long since obsession ruled the day
Like photographs the memory fades away

Lyrics Bill Wardley-Smith Music Bill Wardley-Smith
Producer Bill Wardley-Smith Performance Bill Wardley-Smith
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