Stolen Kisses

Story Behind The Song

A friend - a young woman - who was a Christian - said to me - "I have brokent my own rule" --- she had had an abortion...

Song Length 4:13 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal



Stolen kisses, obscene crime
One man uses gunpoint, the other uses rhyme
Call the Sheriff, stop the Thief
He?s on the loose and he?s dangerous and armed with unbelief

The toll is rising every day
Death is on the rampage, it?s not safe to walk the streets
The babies die in hospitals
Oh when will we believe?

Stolen kisses. Stolen kisses.

I looked out from my window to the streets
I saw a young man full of promise and a faithless woman meet
She said ?My old man has gone away?
?Let?s get it on in my waterbed, he?ll be gone for three more days?

So he went. She took him with her eyes.
Eyes so full of innocence, but eyes so full of lies
A sucker for the slaughterhouse
Oh when will we get wise?

Stolen kisses. Stolen kisses.

The Thief would like to wrench that very last kiss from your heart
But Jesus came to bring our love a brand new place to start
I guess that?s why the ones who know Him
Call Him Morning Star

Stolen kisses. Stolen kisses.

?Well, step right up it?s show time at the Fantasy Arcade?
From TV to pornography you can hear the Barker say
?Yeah, love is what you make it, better get it while it lasts?
So you buy the love they offer you but you see it?s fading fast

One by one, your kisses steal away
First you lose your family then your lover goes astray
But Wisdom?s crying out to you
So how can you delay?

Bill Ross c 1981, Wounded Ego Music, BMI,

Lyrics Bill Ross Music Bill Ross
Producer Bill Ross Publisher Wounded Ego Music, BMI
Performance Bill Ross
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