Yellow Cab To Nowhere

Song Length 3:42 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


I can?t forget the night we met
Though I have tried with all my might
You paid my tab, called a cab
We climbed inside and you said, ?hold in tight?
The cab was painted yellow
And your eyes were deepest blue
But when the lights turned red I knew
That there was nothing I could do

Because love is like a taxi
And your heart must pay the fare
You won?t know just where you?re going
But you?ll know when you get there
Sometimes its Ever After Street
Sometimes its Heartbreak Avenue
But I took a yellow cab to nowhere
When I fell in love with you

Sitting in the back with a heart attack
While you drove that taxi all around
The papers said, ?we think he?s dead
But we can?t be sure because he can?t be found?
Well I?ve been on the road to Heaven
And once or twice I?ve been through Hell
But when I stepped into your yellow cab
I learned my lesson well


Well Heaven knows anything goes
In love and war, and that?s a fact
Its been a ball but all in all
I wish I had my sanity and my money back
But falling in love with you
Was just beyond all my control
And I think maybe you and me, baby
Got a lot more miles to go


Lyrics Bill Kramer Music Bill Kramer
Producer Bill Kramer Publisher Bill Kramer
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