Song Description

Rave on at the Big Brother Lounge!

Song Length 3:30 Genre Electronic - Dance, R & B - Disco
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Civil Rights, Freedom Similar Artists Village People, Kylie Minogue
Language English Era 2000 and later


(alternative lyrics and instrumental version available)


I'm a gMan
behind my Ray Bans
I got my eye on you
no matter what you do

start up our engines
and polish your Chrome
tracking 1's and 0's
straight to your home

internet scents
are easy to find
soul CAM pictures
make a map of your mind


O we're tough on Truth
and compassion free
for our favorite joke
cry Liberty
RFID is the Mark of the Beast
we're gonna sic sic sic it on you


from Gatso to Gitmo
you can't go far
GPS shows us just
where you are

shadowing you
like paparazzi
let me introduce
the new Patriot Police



look for domestic
shock and awe
NorthCom coup
brings martial law

how is this evil
to be done
watch out for
Directive 51



Lyrics Malcolm Clark Music Malcolm Clark
Producer Brer Hawk Publisher Bignosia Publishing
Performance SNAC - Songs for the New American Century

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