thoughts of my father

Song Length 2:47 Genre Folk - General
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English


music and lyrics by Beverly Graham

When I was a child I was frightened of the dark
Always slept with the light on
I would wake to find shadows on the wall
dancing in the light
Like creatures of the night
I'd jump out of my bed and try to clear my head
And a voice inside me said

REFRAIN: There it is in front of you
Bigger than life
Turn to the left
You've got to turn to the right
If you discover there is no help in sight
Just move on towards the light
You know you've got to move on toward the light

Time and time again
I have watched my life
Unfolding like a story
Many time's I've won
But often time I lost
I felt the pain and I knew the cost of the glory
And many times I've tried
With my face turned towards the sky
To understand why

REFRAIN: But there it was in front of me
Bigger than life
I turned to the left you know I turned to the right
when I discovered there was no help in sight
I moved on towards the light
you know that I just moved on towards the light

And when I reach the end of this road
I now travel
When the final thread the weaver's hand
has placed starts to unravel
When my eyes close in wonder
As I finally see
The other side of reality
Then hold my hand and love me
Think only good things of me
And say these words above me


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