let me tell you a story

Song Length 3:15 Genre Folk - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Encouragement
Language English


music and lyrics by Beverly Graham

RFRAIN: Time doesn't wait for what you want to do,
It?s hard to catch up when it runs ahead of you
Life is uncertainty, you have to pay, nothing's free
Time doesn't wait

It seems we always think
Time never will run out
We live our lives so carelessly
We toss our dreams about
And like a thief one day
Who steals them all away
They fall from us
like shadows in the night

I look into the glass I see my lifelines traced
A young girl locked inside a much older person's face
I wonder where it went where all my youth was spent
Is it too late to capture all my dreams

I watched my children's birth
I saw me Father die
The days we have are numbered
They pass so quickly by
Death rides on a dark horse and knocks our dreams off their course
One tiny slip into eternity


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Producer beverly graham
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