behold the man

Song Description

Cricification of Christ

Song Length 5:30 Genre Unique - Gospel
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Spirituality Language English


Behold the man
Music and lyrics by Beverly Graham

Behold the man up on the cross
Who gave his love at such a cost
Behold the man who died for us
I heard that Judas Escariot
Kissed him on the lips and he was caught
The soldiers took him to Pi o lot
Who washed his hands and sent him off to die
I hear the thunder the sky is blood red
A crown of thorns is piercing his head
They whipped him and they scourged him
Are you sure he is not dead
The blood flowed down his face and back
I heard that Peter said
I do not know him
He is no friend of mine
They hammered the nails through his feet and his wrists
I heard that Judas regrets now his treacherous kiss
I never knew another 's pain could hurt me like this
Oh god why do they torture him
They mock him and they scorn him
They call him "king" and sneer
They say to him "save your self" and pierce him with him a spear
Through his side
He shudders
His blood turns to water then he cries
"Father why have you forsaken me
Forgive them they do not know whag they do"
Then he dies
Oh god and then he dies
And the veil is torn away forever
And the sky is black as death
And the clouds burst open
With tears from heaven
And my heart is shattered in my chest
And I see them rip his body
Away from blooded wood
The soldiers threw him on the ground
And pushed me where I stood
With horror
as the pain beat inside me like a drum
They took him to a cave and they told me I could come
To lay a cloth around him
Put gold coins upon his eyes
And I wondered if everything he said was truth
Was just lies
Behold the man
Is that all that he is
I believed he was my saviour
Did it end with Judas' kiss
Behold my Lord
Crucified with hate
They rolled a stone across the opening
I will stand by the tomb and I will wait

Lyrics beverly graham Music beverly graham
Producer beverly graham
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