Blues in Paradise

Song Length 4:05 Genre Blues - Chicago, Blues - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits Subject Life


Blues in Paradise

Words & music by Beth Scalet © 1987
I used to have the blues nearly all the time
When I looked around, nothing I saw was mine
No food no car no money, lots more nothing each day
Now the times are changing, things are coming my way

I know I should be happy, things are finally going nice
Real nice
If I ever get to heaven, I'll have the blues in paradise

Got food on my table, carpet on my floor
Don't have to run and hide from the landlord no more
I got me a job, don't have to work too hard
See me in the summertime, baby, out in my back yard


Got me a sports car and a personal jet
It's loaded up honey with everything you can get
Got a color television, got my MTV
I still got these blues, something must be wrong with me


Now when I die and they lay me to rest
Want a solid gold coffin, nothing but the best (building up)
Lined with silk and satin, covered with rubies & pearls
Want a great big choir, honey, sing me out of this world

Now the preacher starts talking, the choir begin to sing
everybody's crying, you got to do just one more thing
last thing you must do, fore they lower me down
Look down in my grave, see that the blues is not around


Lyrics Beth Scalet Music Beth Scalet
Producer Beth Scalet Publisher marais des cygnes music (BMI)
Performance Beth Scalet Label marais des cygnes recordings
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