Lavish Love

Song Length 3:49 Genre Rock - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Exultant, Content Subject God
Similar Artists Sarah Mclachlan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lavish Love

Verse 1:
You dreamed up a thousand colors when one or two would do
So You could paint us a breathtaking sky.
And though You could?ve given us a handful of stars or less,
You display a billion every night.

Chorus 1:
I?m amazed at the ways You lavish Your love,
Blown away by the lengths You would go.
Every favor You give, so outrageously done,
Oh such lavish love You have shown!

Verse 2:
When You saw that we were lonely, You held nothing back,
Though a person or two would suffice.
You gave us mothers and brothers, fathers, sons, lovers, and friends,
All these faces that fill up our lives.

[repeat chorus 1]

Verse 3:
When You saw that we were fallen, You couldn?t turn away,
You sent Jesus to save what we?d become.
His perfect blood so precious, not one drop should be spilled,
But You poured it out till it was gone.

Chorus 2:
I?m amazed at the ways You lavish Your love,
Blown away by the lengths You would go.
That You would trade for my life the life of Your Son,
Oh such lavish love You have shown.
It?s like no other love I?ve ever known.

Lyrics Beth Champion Mason Music Beth Champion Mason
Producer Joe Mazza Publisher Beth Champion Mason
Performance Beth Champion Mason: vocals, BGVs, piano; Joe Mazza: guitars, bass; Jonathan Smith: drums; Theresa Mazza: BGV arranging Label More Real Records

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