Among Friends Again

Story Behind The Song

Written from the point of view of a musician on the road, meeting once a year or less with good friends he makes along the way

Song Description

Catching up with the loves and lives of friends, for the first time in a long time

Song Length 3:39 Genre Folk - Country, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Content Subject Friendship, Friend
Similar Artists Joan Baez, Garth Brooks Language English
Era 2000 and later



I saw your light in the window, as I was passing your door
I thought I?d look in to see how you?ve been as I?ve done so often before
You don?t look a half a day older; sure we?re all coming into our prime
And now that we?re here, draw up a chair; we?ll make up for lost time


It?s good to be back among friends again
I?ve been away too long
To sit by a fire like we did back then
Maybe sing a song - sing along

The children are growing like flowers; the youngest one?s taller than me
It doesn?t seem long since I?d sing her a song as she danced up and down on my knee
The rambles on long summer evenings, the stir at the turn of the year
Those memories remain, the welcome?s the same, I?m glad to be here


A couple of places are empty, how long is it now since they?ve gone?
A few years ago the night of the snow we sat up and talked ?til the dawn
But no tears for the years that have vanished; there?ll be plenty more dawns just as fair
The night is still young, there?s songs to be sung and stories to share


Lyrics Ben Sands Music Ben Sands
Producer Johnny Scott Publisher Ben Sands
Performance Ben Sands, Johnny Scott, Graham Henderson, Frank Gallagher, Rod Patterson, Guy Rickerby Label Spring Records
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