Goin' Back To Utah [A.X.E.L]

Story Behind The Song

A.X.E.L became intrigued by this girl he met and couldn't stop talking about her all day in the studio. He's been to the Utah area before, which is where this girl is from, but on this day A.X.E.L said he was goin' back. Tim [the producer] was working o

Song Description

A.X.E.L meets girl. Girl lives in Utah. A.X.E.L makes the drive from Virginia to Utah to be with this girl. Great music to drive to.

Song Length 4:25 Genre Electronic - Dance, Electronic - Breakbeat
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming Subject Will, General
Similar Artists Inxs, Kraftwerk Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:
Salty air, dessert night,
The combination just don't seem right,
The swankiest woman I ever saw,
I'm haulin' ass straight to Utah,

I'm goin' back to Utah, Utah, Utah,
Through Salt Lake, Provo City,
Straight through Portage on 15,

I'm goin' back to Utah, Utah, Utah,
Where ears pop like Albequerque,
Can't Stop I'm in a hurry,
[Repeat 1 more x]

Verse 2:
Dark hair, nails right,
Full lips I can kiss all night,
Mesmerized by the site of it all,
I'm haulin' ass straight to Utah,

[Repeat Hook 2x]

Verse 3:
Once took a detour straight through Duvall,
This trip I'm makin' ain't the same at all,
A shift in the wind I can smell the salt,
I'm 5 miles outside of Portage Utah,

[Repeat Hook til end]

Lyrics by Axel Peebles
Copyright 2004 Beats Etc. Productions

Lyrics Axel Peebles Music Tim Byrd & Brian Branch
Producer Tim Byrd for Beats Etc. Productions Publisher Zenography Songs
Performance ASCAP Label Beats Etc. Productions
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