Song Description

It's hard to light a fire without some fuel and a little spark. The same is true about love.

Song Length 4:34 Genre Electronic - Dance, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Delighted Subject Falling in Love, Light
Language English Era 2000 and later


You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my tinderbox


Archaic mystic
Toxic technic
Styptic ethic
Lovesick tactic
Photic gothic
Scenic psychic
Karmic music
Epic traffic

Disastrous fullness
Mindless focus
Faithless goddess
Mirthless venus
Leaseless nexus
Nameless virus
Voiceless temptress
Needless menace

Crimson vixen
Pagan vision
Sodden omen
Hidden marksman
Shotgun session
Chosen fission
Barren nation
Solution stricken

You're my tinderbox
My triggered tripwire
Just one spark
And you ignite my fire

You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my tinderbox


Hateful gospel
Forceful sparkle
Fragile puzzle
Thermal satchel
Vigil kestrel
Total neutral
Glacial needle
Tonal angel

Vulcan cannon
Frozen demon
Poison reason
Asian ruin
Risen dragon
Heightened motion
Broken haven
Urban siren

Fairer creature
Fire eater
Fervor mortar
Minor fluster
Harder, sleeker,
Meaner, faster,
Smarter, cleaner,
Finer, stronger


Lyrics Dain Olsen Music Dain Olsen
Producer Dain Olsen
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Clean Clean

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