Two Night Rendezvous

Story Behind The Song

It was love and lust at first sight, however, It took two years of freindship, flirting and teasing to finally enjoy this most awesome long awaited romance. Still going strong

Song Description

Oh my God is she hot. WOW!! Why is she here alone? I am enjoying the heck out of this teasing and flirting, so, let's follow it a little further, like to my place!

Song Length 3:42 Genre Country - Boogie, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Engaging, Welcoming Subject Attracted, Crush, Love at First Sight
Similar Artists Clint Black, Jimmy Page Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Two Night Rendezvous?
Copyright 1990
Ron Barton (BMI)
Flirtatious rock/blues beat

You look like a queen without a king,
A very sexy girl far as I can see,
Let?s go a little further you and me,
Let?s do it now and follow this tease,

Tell me tell me baby,
What?s a girl like you doing all alone,
All I?d like to do is take you home,
Take you home,
For a two night rendezvous,
I said a two night rendezvous,
Just me and you,
Just me and you,
A two night rendezvous,

I see something intriguing in your eyes,
You?ve got my attention baby, realize,
I only want one thing, I won?t lie to you,
I want you wrapped around me, yeah baby I do,

Been a long time alone, don?t like it much,
I?ve wanna know your sweet lovin touch,
I?m not so familiar with one night stands,
Respect you in the morning, baby I promise I can,

Lyrics Ron Barton Music Ron Barton/ Troy Werner
Performance Troy Werner
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