Blues of the ugly sister

Story Behind The Song

Too dirty to get in to.

Song Description

It's an alternative Cinderella story.

Song Length 4:58 Genre Blues - General, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cool, Detestable Subject Femininity, Cheating
Similar Artists Tom Waits, Cat Power Language English
Era 2000 and later


I am the ugly sister
And she is Cinderella
It's me he really really wants
Because I'm a great fuck.

She is very very naive
This is hard on her
But I am the ugly sister
So I've learned a thing or two about life...
It's hard on me too,
stuffing my foot into this high heeled shoe,
But I can do it for you!
(Baby, can you hear me now? He can't hear me.)

He's still getting over some crazy shit with our stepmother, She's evil you know...
But she's not to blame
It's just her part in the game
It's hard on her just the same.

Cinderella cleans his floors
And hopes for more
She watches him with hungry eyes, thus testifies, to his innocence dying...

I go to parties
Spend hours with my looking glass: pulling hairs out from my moles,
My eyes are two dark sunken holes, I'm wasting away, this is my decay. Day by day my love goes sour, like souring milk.

He is trying to get clean
She cleans around him
Asking him to lift his legs,
Secretly he likes when she begs, He closes his eyes and tries to think clean thoughts.

I am in my ballroom gown
So many carriages waiting around
But all I really want
is to get down on the ground with no hypocrisy and to weep and weep for a life time of forced aristocracy.

Oh, my heart now don't you break, give to me, don't make me take it.

Finally I get a sexually transmitted decease
She fell ill with tuberculosis
She spits sour blood on the white marble and she wipes it off with a warm rag.
Her eyes are empty now
Wanting is far from her now.

Maybe next time
The clocks chime
She'll be a witch, a bitch?
Use the poison apple on some other little girl...
It really was for her own good
And I'll move on like the ugly sister should.

Lyrics Avital Raz Music Avital Raz
Producer Gai Sherf
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