I still Love You Best Of All

Story Behind The Song

years of lasting love

Song Description

lasting love

Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - Traditional, Classical - Romantic
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Endearing, Endearing Subject Madly In Love, Unrequited Love
Similar Artists Patsy Cline, Shania Twain Language English
Era 1950 - 1959


6-2-04 I still love you most of all
© (BY Ruby Cranmer) (BMI)
(E)Every where I go (A)I meet someone I know
(B)They ask me how I'M doing, now that I'M (E)alone
(E)They can't see the tears iv cried (A)just in getting (E)by (A)so I just say I'M (E)doing fine (B)everywhere I (E)go

(E)Now your always in my heart, and on (E/M)my mind
that's(A) where you will be until the end of (E)time
many(B) miles may come between us and (E)tears may often fall
but (A)there is one thing for (E)certain I still (B)love you best of (E)all

(E)How could we know our love would end (A)after all this (E)time
we (B)worked so hard both day and night we thought that it was (E)right
the things that really counted (A)somewhere was left be(E)hind
just (A)taking time for (E)you and me (B)never crossed our (E)mind

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