Stupid, stupid, stupid

Song Length 4:59 Genre R & B - Doo Wop
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Duet Female


Stupid, stupid, stupid
By Jesse Maclaine c 2000 all rights reserved

He?s not going to call you, he?s not going to leave a message at the tone
He?s not going anywhere with you,
he might even pretend like he?s not at home
When you?re knockin? on his door, just go away
Don?t come over here anymore, just go away
Keep all that stuff that you took, take my number out your book,
Just go away, just go away

He won?t remember you, when he sees you the next day
What happened last night? How did we meet anyway
Can I see you again? Please don?t be French
Can we still be friends? No you?re just too French.
Keep your God in your pants, I?m not taking any chances
With what?s growing on you, I think I might spew.

He?s not going to wait for you, to get your wedding dress on
There?s no time for rings, just get in the backseat, yeah that?s where it?s fun
Don?t waste his time, go all the way.
It?s why we?re alive, so procreate.
Cmon it?s our third date, he can?t stand to wait,
much longer, to go all the way.

He?s not going to treat you nice,
he?s not going to kiss you when he gets home
He?s not buying anything for you, he won?t even tell you where he?s going
When he leaves at 3 am, don?t come home again
Think he?s doing my best friend, & then lying about sin
Keep your God in your hand, you?re your number one fan,
but from here you?re banned, I think I might spew on you.

She?s not going to call you, and she?s never paying you back.
She won?t cook your food and she sure isn?t gonna clean up any of your trash
Oh that mess you left! So she left you.
Now you?ve thrown it away, maybe it?s time to turn gay
Forget the abuse, sweetie and be good to you, whatever it takes,
alone is the best way. Alone.

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