Nothing Personal

Song Length 4:36 Genre Jazz - Fusion


Nothing Personal

By Jesse Maclaine c 2000 all rights reserved

You know that you?re ugly, and you smell bad too.

You think that you?re all grown up but you act like you?re 3.

Well, it might be the light but you?re looking really frightful,

If you would shower, you could be delightful,

In the dark, as long as you?re not speaking.

In the dark, especially if I?m not there.

In the dark, ooh baby you looking so good,

Oh won?t you go home and change your underwear ( I can smell it all the way over here)

You?re such a cheap slut always moochin

And you?re such a dick every time I don?t see you.

Why don?t you wear that second face for everyone

You couldn?t be more of a sponge if you learned how to drink in a bar

Without makin? so much f**kin noise

Shakin? it (shakin it) taunting us with all your toys

You?re just sick and utterly disgusting

Why don?t you go jump off a bridge or emigrate or something.

And oh how you irritate me, Every time we?re in the room together.

Don?t touch and keep your lips to yourself!

Why don?t you try some paint, wear a hat, grow a moustache,

Anything so we don?t have to see your face

As you stand there gawking,I can?t believe they let you out.

Stay back, please don?t come walking to me,

I?m offended by the way you run your mouth

So let me help you, help you put something in it.

I?ve got a little present here just for you.

Might help to stop you, before you begin,

Maybe teach you a thing or 2 about keepin? your teeth up off the floor,

I can see your toes, you?re such a bore

Pretty soon, you?ll be locked up, maybe then you won?t come out anymore.

You?re looking unhealthy, and you need to brush your teeth.

Your eyes are so black, what, you don?t get no sleep

You?ve got stinkfoot, oh and your pits give me the creeps,

You wish you could sell it but you?re much too cheap.

And too stupid, so you?re givin? it away,

But they ain?t takin it, you and your white trash face.

You?re just sick and utterly disgusting

Why don?t you go jump off a bridge or immigrate or anything.

Ahhh, Id do anything to get you- away Ahhh, it?s nothing personal.

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