Song Length 6:13 Genre Folk - Rock


Housewife by Jesse Maclaine c2000 all rights reserved

It?s too late for coffee and I?m too tired for tea.
If I eat any more chocolate, I might be sick.
I?ve been watching tv for 30 hours, I haven?t thought of it yet?
What was it I was supposed to forget?
Guess I?ve got a case of ?em.

These layers I?m wearing, they might keep me warm,
But I wanna rip, off skin and bone, So I could be air, walking everywhere
I?m aware of everything, I don?t even have to breathe.

But I?m trapped in polyester and something smells like cat piss.
I?m constantly hungry, nothing feeds my needs.
I?ve made my own chains, I could break them again
Make out with life or stay safe as a wife.

Maybe I should change my housecoat or the color of my hair,
Paint my nails shave my legs, gotta get me a new pair
Of shoes and a purse to match all this and still keeping time
to get dinner ready for my man when he gets home. ( When is he comin home?)
And isn?t it great to be owned, don?t have a room of my own.
He doesn?t boss me too much, I only bruise when he touches me
Too hard, but you know I was askin for it
Too much talking and not enough action.

Maybe I need a new face, anything to fill this space
where a personality should be, instead I?ve got me who is she?
I wish I could escape, wish I could go
Away from this vacuous case of nerves and shakes
and incessant frustration, frustration.

I keep thinking I?ve, I?ve wasted my life.
Or I?m wasting it, right now
In a noose, dangling from my refrigerator but the door won?t stay shut
And it always lets me down, down.

Alive in a sense, but my mental anguish is grinding like my mind
when I?m rewinding my life but I can?t pull the plug
?cuz I can?t find my hands and each time I stand up
I can?t get off the ground.

I don?t know what I like and I can?t figure out how
To feel good, how to feel free
Too many cats to feed and my garden needs tending
I don?t know my questions and I don?t remember having any dreams.

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