Bitter Git

Song Length 2:55 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock
Mood Incensed


Bitter Git by Jesse Maclaine c2000 all rights reserved

Take what you want, while I?m still giving
My hands are open and I?m not leaving
I swear I?m holding something unique, you?ll like it.
Turn off your anorexic life of unfeeling.
I?ve heard your lies and maybe I like them,
don?t analyze me I?m not gonna fight with you.
I?ve been forewarned, you?re just a scoundrel
I?ll take your scorn and turn it around on you.

Can you feel the regret seeping down your stomach
Creeping guilt, oh you deserve it.
It?s not the whole you hurt but the calm stance you take
And the breaking it just melts away.

Once again I?ve left my box too open,
I?m ruptured, standing on 2 broken legs.
I?m still shiny and you?re much too whiny
Only want you, cause you refuse to see me.

These cycles, I must start breaking them
Stop repeating all this gouging aching
I?m despondent, you?re just not responding
To my come-ons, don?t you wanna get it on?
Come on, don?t you wanna?
Don?t you wanna hit it?

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