Lava Lamp

Song Description

A man trying to pursue a hot lady stranger in the club and he persuades her to dance.

Song Length 4:33 Genre Pop - General, Electronic - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Similar Artists Maroon 5 Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse I

Went over and approached her

I asked her "girl can I get a simple dance"

Then I got a bit closer

The dance turned upside-down to a new romance


She makes me wanna' (4X's)

She makes me wanna' move like no one can

She makes me wanna' (4X's)

Makes me wanna' move like a lava lamp

She makes me wanna' (4X's)

She makes me wanna' do it all over again

She makes me wanna' (4X's)

Makes me wanna' move like a lava lamp

Verse II

Now I know about her

She did something to me that you won't understand

The way she moves around the room

You're making me dizzy baby can we leave soon

She looked at me and looked away

The way her body moves, turned me on

She grabbed my shirt and kissed away

She's making my level rise



Just let the rhythm coordinate each and every move

Don't worry how it looks like just let the lava mold you

No excuses baby no I won't take that

Baby let loose

Just let it groove

Cause' tonight might be the last time that we...

Baby it's cool

Do what you do


Hook (2X's)


Lyrics Adam Piccoli, Obed Timothee, Zachary Gracius, Gary Charles Music Arrivederci
Producer Arrivederci Publisher Blu Towers/ Ascap
Performance Arrivederci

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