blacklight uniform

Song Length 2:52 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Hard Rock


Poor the velvet
watch it go slowly over your torso
Glow in the dark,
wear the mark Megatherion
Palm of the left hand
is not gonna be alright
I say this to the boy
who becomes the blacklight

Walk inside with velvet and
spread it across it's torso
Glow in the dark, walk outside
blend in with the light
Become someone else
uniform comes alive
Speaking with the one
who wears the blacklight

The Blacklight Unified

Take the side of velvet and
spread it across his forehead
wear the mark with candles
that burn blue, do not lie.
Become a poster
I've got you in my sight
I'm talking to the boy who will wear
the blacklight.

The Blacklight Unified

Awake and levitate
as if you were undefeated.
Exilerate, superstar
house of Aquaria
Color bars run down the sleeve
and you're unified
Stand tall, hold your head up
Your in the Blacklight.

The Blacklight Unified.

Lyrics Pablo Anzaldua Music Pablo Anzaldua
Producer Pablo Anzaldua Publisher Pablo Anzaldua
Performance Pablo Anzaldua
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