Keep On Dreaming

Story Behind The Song

Realizing when things don't always go your way,'s your dreams that provide that light at the end of the tunnel!

Song Description

We cross many Rivers, we climb many Mountains and yet it's our vision that carries us over and get us through,

Song Length 3:16 Genre Latin - Samba, Latin - Salsa
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Exultant, Cheerful
Subject Encouragement, Dreams Language English


I might falter  
I might fall
Don't mean that I'm losing 

I'll come back I always do,. it's a matter of time

If I struggle that's alright 
Everyone climbs  a mountain
I'll be fine by design  
Good days I'm counting 

Keep on dreaming 
Keep on loving 
Believing yeah yeah 

There's so much more
I'm grateful for 
Good friends and conversation
There's happiness to life I'm sure
Can I share a revelation

Keep on dreaming 
Keep on loving 

Insane Guitar Solo  

Yeah - Oh
Yeah- Oh
Yeah - Oh
Repeat 3 times 

Don't, don't, don't
Let the sun go down 

Lyrics Tim Koerber Music Jon Varto
Producer Dan Sistos Publisher BMI
Performance Varto - Sistos - Garcia
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Clean Clean

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