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Baby you looking fine as can be, but would you
Be able to handle a guy like me
I'm not the baller type, not one to check write
I'm just a working dude making moves (and there's nothing wrong with that)
I can't front all of ya shopping sprees
And a few of our meals might have to be mickey d's
Right now that's where it's at, cuz I ain't got it like that
But you can be secure in knowing that

I'm a regular, everyday dude
I can give you the time of your life
Even without all the money that you'd like
I'm a regular, everyday dude
I would do anything that you want me to
Cuz money alone can't make you love me boo

You're still here and I'm loving that ya head is clear
Excited that you seem sincere, even if you have some fears
Wait, till I show you, what a regular everyday dude like me can do
I probably can't afford all the finer things
That doesn't mean you won't be treated like a queen
That's better than shoes and shirts
They don't retain their worth
Yet you remain priceless in my eyes and that's why


You want a regular, you know you want a regular
Ain't gotta buy you things to have you call my cellular
Show you the things that mean
More than any kind of green
From a regular type dude (repeat)

Written by Antwoinne

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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