This Moment With Me

Song Length 3:47 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Similar Artists Lucinda Williams, Jewel
Language English Era 2000 and later


Please don't you take it wrong
If I call you up on the phone
And please don't you take it wrong
If I come by all alone

'Cause yesterday's already gone
Tomorrow's no guarantee
So just take this for what it is, my friend
And spend this moment with me

Outside the rains are comin' down
Another year earth spinnin' 'round
Inside it's chilly to the bone
On the couch all alone

The walls in this town are closin' in
Time to move on again
I just hope that you'll take the chance, my friend
To spend this moment with me

I could say "I love you" and it'd be true
If you only knew how much I do
But I'll just keep quiet and smile
And hold you close for a little while

Tonight we'll sing Hare Krishna
Tomorrow praise the lord
Can't you see it's all the same as the love
In this moment with me
In this moment with me

Lyrics Anna Laube Music Anna Laube
Producer Anna Laube Publisher Sweet Smile
Performance Anna Laube Label Ginkgo Records
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