Fine Time to Be Alive

Song Length 4:30 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Relaxed Subject Stardom, Drugs
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band, James Taylor Language English
Era 2000 and later



Angry young faces fill the room
Searching for justice, don't hold you breath.
Your revolution's comin' soon,
I've heard the music, its been played to death.

Everybody stop, look around,
You picked a fine time to be alive...

You aggravation serves you well,
your ammunition, to take on the fight.
Sometimes my heaven is your hell,
you can't be wrong , but your never right.

Everybody stop, look around,
you picked a fine time to be alive...

There's plenty of time, to soak it in.
I got mine, let the games begin.
Your out of control, or so it seems.
Your worst nightmare, has become your dream.

Every generation bears the cross,
you’re not the first, to wanna change the world.
Your victory could be your loss,
Don't fool yourself, it's all been done before.

Everybody stop, look around,
you picked a fine time to be alive…

Everything's gonna be all right when your time comes, your gonna wake up smilin', and wonder how, you ever could have been so incredibly naive, to think the world owes you an apology, or a sympathetic passage, to accept some situation, you don't really understand...

(All, all that you know, all that you do, all that you see, is part of you)

c 2001 a. edmunds

Lyrics andy edmunds Music andy edmunds
Producer andy edmunds Publisher andy edmunds
Performance andy edmunds

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