What I Had in Mind

Song Description

"What I Had in Mind" is a song about a young man being unlucky about getting lucky. The song is a combination of both pop-rock from the 60's with a little country twist. I added a couple drones in both the verse and chorus to give it a slight A/C flavor

Song Length 3:37 Genre Country - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Sociable Subject Searching for Love, 6th Sense, Intuition
Language No Language Era 1980 - 1989


"What I Had in Mind"

I saw her in the doorway.
She was taking a look at me.
I think she had a message
Like the one I want to believe.

I think I understand this.
I think I know what she implies.
I want to leave an impression
I want to be her subliminal guy.

I know for me this doesn't happen all the time.
And coming out to share a couple glances
Is not what I had in mind.

So what should I do now?
What is this all about?
This indirect method is the
Part I cannot figure out.

Now I'm looking to my friends,
I'd like to hear what they'd advise.
I'd like to know a little more
In case that something weird should arise.

Leading me on with all your looks is very fine.
But getting to a little bit more action
Is more what I have in mind.

With her I start a conversation
And I thought that things were going fine.
But I could tell from her expression
That I must have crossed over a line.

So I crawled back to my table.
And what a fine sight to see.
All the time I'm looking down,
My friends of course are laughing at me.

This seems to happen to me almost every time.
We all know that leaving here alone was...
Not what I had in mind.

Lyrics andy blackwood Music andy blackwood
Producer andy blackwood Publisher andy blackwood
Performance andy blackwood Label none
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