The Only Words a Simple Man Can Say

Song Description

A short ballad about a man being thankful for his wife and family.

Song Length 3:32 Genre Country - General, Country - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Loving Marriage, General Similar Artists Kenny Rogers, George Strait


The Only Words a Simple Man Can Say

Can I tell you how I'm feeling?
There are things I'd like to say.
I'll try not to go on and on,
But I think of us each day.
Through the years we have shared our dreams
And some were not to be
But you know that I've been happy
From the most important things.

I want to thank you for our special times.
I want to thank you for the things
That I've received up to this time,
--And all that my life brings.
I want to thank you for the little ones
I come home to everyday.
These are the only words a simple man can say.

If I took all my possessions
And gave them all away.
I'd still cherish every moment
Of the things we have each day.
There are so many things I want to tell you
But my words just can't convey
Just how I feel about us now
So please won't you hear me say:

I just have come to realize
The feelings that I've kept inside of me.
Oh, can't you see
That maybe I've been too afraid
Of feelings that I cannot name,
So please, won't you hear me say?

I was born with very little
I guess it's obvious to see.
Some say that I'm unlucky,
But with them I disagree.
Because I love all the things we have
And it's not that hard to see.
The importance of those little things
That you have given me.

I liked the beat for old school country

Thank you. I enjoyed this song. The rhythm and guitar was well mixed in the song. Your hook is a good hook and you used it strategically well. You're melody was simple (which matched the lyrics) and that makes it easy to follow along and makes it more marketable. You also have a very good country voice. Good job!!!

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