Sweet Mystery

Song Length 3:44 Genre Pop - Classic
Similar Artists Steely Dan, Cat Stevens


Sweet Mystery

Seeds under the mountain snow,
Begin to stir outside my window
Heard your voice on the radio,
But little did I know.

One month turns to two and then three.
Tiny leaves on the old oak tree
I hear my thoughts in your poetry
I feel a sweet mystery.

Sweet mystery
Love's infinite energy
How blessed are we to be in this
Sweet Mystery

Feeling light on a bright spring day
One by one my burdens fall away
Calling you I hear myself say
"I want to help in any way."

Touch the tree and to my surprise
My body's shaking with sobbing cries
Climb up to you in the windy skies
And there's a fire in your smiling eyes.

Hearts open and minds so free
Your love's overwhelming me
I dare to use the word destiny
What else could it be?

I didn't know what a joy we'd share
It's overflowing now everywhere
With every part of myself I care
For you, Angel of the air.

Sweet mystery
Love's infinite energy
How blessed are we to be in this
Sweet Mystery

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