You Won't Find It Here

Song Description

The singer won't be used as a "rebound" lover - tells him "You won't find it here..."

Song Length 3:31 Genre Latin - Salsa, Latin - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Attracted, Crush, General Language English
Era 2000 and later


Why do you
Tell me that you want me
I don?t believe
You believe you love me

Tender words
Play opposite in action
It?s just an over
Over reaction
Till you find what you?re looking for

She left you
Searching for an answer
Broke your heart
No happy ever after

Now you?re hear
Pushin? this equation
You?re overloaded?on desperation
You don?t know what you?re looking for


You won?t,.. ?find it here?
Standing at my door
You won?t,. ?feel it here?
What you?re praying for

I may be young
But I?ve loved enough
To trust what?s crystal clear
If you want yourself, a part time love
You won?t find it
Won?t find it here

I?m not a?substitute?a temporary fix
I?m not here?.to take you to?any other place but this


A good theme letting the man know she is not interested in anything but a serious committed relationship. Good energy and rhythm. More songs like this need to be written.

Lyrics Tim Koerber & Andrea Standley Music Tim Koerber
Producer Michael Salacuse Publisher Songsinc / T&A Songs
Label Songsinc
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