Nothin's Gonna Happen

Song Description

About a guy out with his buddy's who's being hit on by a girl and he's telling her "Nothin's Gonna Happen" because I love someone else

Song Length 2:45 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject General Similar Artists Brooks & Dunn
Language English Era 2000 and later


We might have a lot in common, but let me tell you now
I don?t care how fine you are, there?s no way, no how !
Love won?t work for you and me, I may look but I won?t leap?
Nothin?s gonna happen !

I know once we shared a glance, you flashed your little smile
That don?t mean that I forgot my heart walked down the isle.
Because we had a look or two, don?t mean I?m goin? home with you?
Nothin?s gonna happen !

Hey there darlin?, mind your distance?
Why must you be so persistent?
I?m a man who?s satisfied,
So we ain?t goin? for a ride?!

One on one is what I do
I?m not about to fool with you
Only one woman rocks my world
And I ain?t about to hurt that girl !

You heard it once, I said it twice, she?s the one who I treat right
That sweet little angel in my heart, leaves no room for us to start
So Hey ! Watch yourself, and bite your tongue
This is where I turn and run?
Nothin?s gonna happen?
Nothin?s gonna happen?no way..
Nothin?s gonna happen?don?t even think about it !

Lyrics Tim Koerber & Andrea Standley Music Tim Koerber & Andrea Standley
Producer Michael Salacuse Publisher Songsinc / T&A Songs
Performance Kelly Shiver Label Songsinc
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