Daddy's Golden Rule

Song Description

Song told through the eyes of a man about his farmer father's "Golden Rule" for his sons

Song Length 4:06 Genre Country - Traditional, Classical - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable Subject Father
Language English Era 2000 and later



My daddy woke each day at four, so he could work the farm
My mom got up an hour before, to serve his breakfast warm
and about the time the bus came by to take us kids to school,
Mama make us all recite, Daddy?s Golden Rule:

Tip your hat to strangers, boys
but don?t be fooled by none.
If you cheat or lie today
Your soul will come undone.

But if you do the best you can
hold your head up high.
There ain?t no better than your best?
and less won?t get you by.

One by one, we left the farm, and struck out on our own.
but all us boys, we settled down, not too far from home.
It seems the one thing we all did, as our families grew
was teach our children how to live by Daddy?s Golden Rule:

Repeat Chorus to Bridge:

Sometimes it ain?t so easy, what?s right is hard to do
but I know I?m a better man? for Daddy?s Golden Rule.

The sun was juat about to rise, the day my daddy died.
And mom woke up an hour before, but stayed there by his side.
Everyone who paid respects, asked what they could do.
we all said, ?just try to live by Daddy?s Golden Rule?

He tipped his hat to strangers
but wasn?t fooled by one.
he always spoke the truth
?n? never cheated anyone.

He just did the best he could
and held his head up high
said, ?nothin?s better than your best?
and less won?t get you by?

Lyrics Andrea Standley Music Andrea Standley & Tim Koerber
Producer Michael Salacuse Publisher T&A Songs
Performance Buddy Jewel Label Songsinc
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