Translucent Moon

Story Behind The Song

One particular fall evening, the moon, at the horizon appeared translucent, and thus the conversation began, about a possible love out there.

Song Description

Talkin to the moon, what do I need to clear up in me in order to attract love?

Song Length 2:58 Genre Classical - General, Folk - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Affable, Gracious Subject Moon, Searching for Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Oh it seems
So it seems

Translucent moon, do you see through me
As it seems, I see through you
Up in the sky and yet so near the earth
I feel I could touch your face

Translucent moon, the sun's still shining
Yet there you are, smiling down
Do you bring the stars to light my path
As darkness closes in? As darkness closes in?

Chorus I
Oh it seems the choice is simple
So it seems the choice is clear
Walk away from life's eclipses
Know the darkness is illusion
Hold your dreams up to the light

Translucent moon, is it my destiny
To touch and hold another's hand
Teach me to trust, to open up my heart
And be the love I'm meant to be
Be the love I'm meant to be

Chorus II
The choice is simple
The choice is clear
Let the stars that glow within you
Be a candle in the window
To guide your soul at night

Translucent moon, do you see through me

Lyrics Ancestra Music Ancestra
Producer Maggie Delaney-Pothoff Publisher Ancestra
Performance Ancestra Label Ancestra
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