We're Not Even Friends

Story Behind The Song

This was written under a stalker type situation, telling this person do not call, do not text, just go. The best songs come out of negeative situation.

Song Length 2:55 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Similar Artists Carrie Underwood


We're not even friends
(Amy Abernathy 2018)

oh oh No
We used to be close
But I'm gonna go
No No No

I'm closing that door
We're not talking anymore
I'm saying no to your games
I know that I've been played

Now you're pretending
That it's not ending
But we've faded away
Like the clouds of yesterday. Ohhh


We're not going to be
Like we used to be
We're not even friends
I want to be clear
This end right here
Wer'e not even friends

I pleaded and tried
So many tears I've cried
We can't go back in time
You're not changing my mind




I forgave so many times
Lots of lonely nights
Don't blow up my phone
This is my no.

No No No
We used to be close
But I'm gonna go
No No No


Amy Abernathy

Great foot-stompin' country pop song. Great vocal and lyric. The progressions and melodies are familiar and easy to "hook into". Great song!

Got a cool retro vibe to the instrumentation, and the singer has a good voice.

Excellent vocal and all the instrumentation was rock-solid and well recorded. I enjoyed the pace and motion of the song too.

I love your voice

Lyrics Amy Abernathy Music Galen Breen
Producer Reveal Audio/ David Leonard Performance Julie Senger
Label BMI
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Clean Clean

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