Love may come late

Story Behind The Song

it's story about someone who finds love later in life.

Song Length 4:47 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Peaceful Subject Happiness, Joy
Similar Artists Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert Language English
Era 2000 and later

This has a good hook.......good story

I could hear this sung by Dolly Parton. The vocalist has a similar vibrato and style. Excellent instrumentation and mix, and the quality of the songwriting is 1st-rate. I can see commercial potential for sure. REALLY enjoyable!

Beautiful voice, overall beautiful song. Reminds me of 80s country singer Janie Fricke.

Nice story. Cool band, well done. Keep it up and good luck!

Very well put together song...great beat and sound.. I really enjoyed this song....all the instruments were very well played....nice arrangement.. The lyrics tell the story you were trying to get across
very nice vocals keep up the great wok look forward to hearing more

Like the vocal. Also, a female vocal is perfect for the lyrics. I like the hook line, Love may come late, but it's always on time. Unique. The playing of the demo is very good and professional. I like the theme and concept of the song.

A fine song of hope for the future with excellent vocals, musical composition and top quality instrumentation. Well produced with a nice blend of piano and guitar accompaniment. Some very interesting lyrics bring originality to a familiar framework.

Enjoyable song with nice instrumental parts. Good story song. Somewhere betweeb pop and country.

Wow, I love yur voice and treatment of your original.The lyric content and story is terrific.This already sounds like a hit! Maybe the professionally hit-makers would have more constructive criticism to get this to be a chart topper!
Loved the hook!
I didn't get married til my 50's & your hook has been the sentiment of all my friends!

I'm probably a little bias, but I really liked this...ya see I got married late...real late. Love the line...don't remember hearing it before,...seems so obvious, but that why it's good. The vocalist has a little bit of Dolly in her...I really like that.

Love the lead vocals and quality of recording and players.

really like the sound of the voice right off the bat. it wins me over. nice overall job of mixing as well. kudos to the engineer on this well-crafted song.

Remind me off the Dixie chicks

This song has a lot of potential, the tag line is excellent as are the vocals, and the melody is strong. Structure is solid for commercial pitches. You some great lines too.

What a great sounding song. I really liked the start with just Piano and Vocals, then leading into full instrumentation.

The vocals and music on this song were awesome! It really added to the story line of the song, which is what Country music is all about. I really enjoyed listening to this song, and could easily hear a song like this being played on the Radio. It's the kind of song that I could listen to several times over and not get tired of hearing it. It's well written, and well presented. Great Job!

Lyrics Amy Abernathy Music nashville song demo
Producer Nashville song demo
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