Back Porch Conversations

Story Behind The Song

Just being still and enjoying God's creation while sitting on the back porch swing.

Song Length 3:36 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Religious
Lead Vocal Duet Male Similar Artists Blake Shelton
Language English Era 2000 and later


Back Porch Conversations
By Nathan Sennett/ Amy Abernathy

(V's 1)
Me and my momma spent some time yesterday
On the swing while watching birds fly
We sat for a while without say'n a word
And listened to sounds in the sky

She finally spoke up and said can you hear it
The song Gods created for us
But I'm afraid most of the world has forgotten
How to hear His song of love

I've learned so many things
While sitting on this porch swing
God's melody speaks to me
He's made life a rhythm to sing
The world is in His hands
It's all part of His big plans
when I have doubts and reservations ^
I find answers to my questions^
In back porch conversations

She spoke how Gods music comes alive
Every cricket sings a sonnet of truth
And all acts of kindness we see in the world
Is showing how Gods garden blooms^

We enjoyed our time
learned from the wise
That the greatest blessings come free
An open heart and love is all y

Lyrics Amy Abernathy/ Nathan Sennett Music Nathan Senett
Producer Nathan Sennett Performance Nathan Sennett
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