He Loves Me Still

Song Length 4:47 Genre Country - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Serene Subject Spirituality
Language English


My mind is full of darkness
My nights are filled with tears
I feel so captive to this fear
This smile I paint upon me
This laughter tries to hide
The insecurity inside

Confused by what is out of my control
I plead with Him to make my spirit whole
I find myself on my knees
I pray for strength
His Spirit comforts me

He loves me still
He knows my pain
Though I tremble in my weakness
His love remains
I feel His peace surrounding me
And as I fight to surrender my will
He loves me still

The mountains I face daily
These trials I pass through
May not seem obvious to you
I'll ask the One who knows me
The One who changes hearts
How I can help the healing start

I pray my simple efforts are enough
Although I don't feel worthy of His love
Am I alone in my need?
I pray to know, an answer comes to me


He knows what's best for me
He knows all I can be
So while my spirit grows I will trust Him
Because I love Him


Lyrics Amy Lacey Music Amy Lacey
Producer Amy Lacey Publisher Amy Lacey
Performance Amy Lacey and Cecelia Benson

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