Wander With Me

Song Length 4:09 Genre Rap - Progressive, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Peaceful Subject Philosophy, Infinity
Language English Era 2000 and later


This song seems forbidden
sung in hidden realms forgotten.
Come a long way in living
tongue's been bitten by many artists.
Since I sing true beginning,
it's only fitting I never progress.
It's those that sold souls
to demons fancy linens
that always prosper.
As I blaze
in ritualistic ways
like religious Rastas,
I seek
deeper forms
of entertainment for my mind.
Wandered the deepest,
darkest places ever found inside.
At times I thought the only escape would be
whenever I die.

After years of battling with myself to find my life of music,
I neglected the fact
that all I've done was make tunes, and keep it moving.
Self-made engineer
with magic ears to hit the right keys.
Blue notes
set out to make you do the opposite of freeze.
Dig up the streets to find my layer,
underground is where I stay.
Eye to eye with the criminal element telling my story of staying away.
Invading the minds of the youth
to show them
there is a different way:
From street life,or music,
if you want happiness to stay.

I'm Rich!
in the sense of dollars, G.
Trying to find balance
in my world with spirit philosophy.
On top of the
developed in a bad economy.
No one seems to be following
the message from someone not balling, see.
My negative thoughts were justified.
I must provide some answers.
As to why some crimes I did
unknown to laws
still raised my hands up.
Wether in praise,
sorrow, or conflict,
I'm still wanting more,
but each day we all approach
another step
to the death before.

gOOD VIBES, LIKE what your saying...
love the samples... you fit them in quit well!

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