The 16mm Shrine

Song Length 3:51 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Progressive
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Uptight Subject Evolution, Life
Language English Era 2000 and later


Another late night
up smoking weed.
Overlooking the cemetery,
wondering which steps brought me here,
cause I'm still chasing impossible dreams.
Searching for ways
for you to hit play.
I might have to die,
is that ok?
(be)Cause it seems like life won't get me paid.
The older I get,
the more I crave
neon lights forming my name.
I'm free at night,
in the day I slave
for what I see as minimum wage
since the cost for food
will always raise.
I remember when
I didn't care.
Sometimes I want to return there,
but I know that life will always tear
me away from music. Once again,
I don't look for friends,
I book for ends. This took millions
of pages
to rehearse for this joint here,
and it's not even the one for the angels.
Sometimes rhymes kindly save you.
Other times it's not the same view.
Going around in circles
like everyday is dejavu.

Living in the past aint good for you.
The future's just a trivia,
but I bet a better record don't exist now!
Even my old shit don't compare.
Looking back at it,
I had more fans
back when I wasn't as advanced.
Couldn't stop yelling over the beat,
but the people in clubs were more abundant.
Now, the clubs smell of something pungent,
janky promoters, and local customs.
"If it aint free, then we aint coming"
That's how it is in the Duke City.
Living in quarters behind a gate that I don't own,
and it's a shame,
that after thirty years of being here
I still can't claim:
A yard for my dog to roam,
space for a garden I want to grow,
green house to produce homegrown (etc).
At least this equipment is my own!
At the moment I don't explore.
In fact,
I hardly ever leave home.
Cleaning the yard for the boss, and blazing up.
Watching time fly
feeling stuck.

The longer I'm here,
the more I change.
Don't know if that's good or bad.
Walk silently in the dark
until I find my way to day.
Isn't wisdom given at my age?
Twisted in the sickened faith
that lit stages are my place,
not running stores of storage space.
Wasted my early 20's drinking.
My mid-twenties thinking.
These late one's have been intriguing,
yet i fear that big THREE thing.
Maybe I started oddly early.
I'm still young in the elder's eyes.
Able to guide the younger from the dark,
into the light.
Reject the facts
for fiction replaces pain.
Watching old clips of performances,
rolling spliffs,
lighting them, hold it in,
but not too long.
Cause you gotta be strong.
Living in the past
will make the present pass right passed,
and that's just wrong.

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