He's Alive

Song Length 4:38 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - DJs
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Nervous Subject Doom, Failure
Language English Era 2000 and later


Y'all thought I was gone,
But I came back even stronger.
Never went anywhere,
been in the hood plotting.
Locked in
the studio blowing on gonja.
Roaming the streets with my little baby monster.
Growing green chile,
getting high,
ignoring time.
Doing what I want,
watching homelessness climb.
People throwing hooks over less than a dime.
No wonder the world's fucked,
and we're all gonna die!
Looking at it negative
has positively shown me
that positivity can negatively subtract homies.
Lost in a community that's searching for commodities,
but fuck any unity! They outcast the oddities.
Probably, my honesty has got to be a problem,
since all I see is problematic people playing possum.
Scared to be themselves,
claiming life's already plotted.
Not allotted extra time,
but a lot already lost it.
Rock gets burned in a glass pipe like pot does,
except Mary Jane doesn't turn you into a zombie.
Murder, and politics: Is the same game.
Digressed for a bit, but my point still remains.
Change: Inevitable for any, and all.
When plentiful goes
to scarce, people panic easily not seeing the
things needed to change the frequency.
I was the same way,
explaining my delinquency.
Keep your hands up high
if you're feeling the vibe.
This aint just for my state,
homie I'm world-wide.
Heads out in Asia know a few of my lines.
Lumpz One! Dragon tamer
all mook-jong's aside.
With a swift increase
of serotonin I rise
higher than any sky, in any system I find.
Listeners will never hide when the message is right,
but sometimes bad news will approach in the night.
I write words for the people,
but words for the people,
sometimes don't want to be heard by the people.
I lurk where it's evil.
The hurt, and the bleeding.
Where the dirt ends up being
the home of human beings.
I go treasure seeking
in hopes to find freedom.
Not understanding free is
the way someone sees things.
Now learning my dreams been what I lived since a seedling.
Happier days come from
however you treat them.
No longer in dark rooms fighting demons.
Balanced lifestyle got me looking forward seeing
sunrise ahead. Out of the tunnels we would creep in.
Now in fields of vegetation
for my meditation.
No more hesitation,
or any frustration.
Just a lot of blazing until this latin's looking Asian.
Living next to the cemetery like it's a vacation.
Blasting music out to Lomas like radio stations.

Lyrics Lumpz One Music Lumpz One
Producer Lumpz One Publisher Lumpz One
Performance Lumpz One Label Lumpz One
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